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Account Executive - Beijing, China

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Territory Account Executive – Beijing, China


The Account executive is responsible for delivering revenue and driving growth in their territory for Twist Bioscience products. (S)he is accountable for delivering accurate revenue forecasts throughout the fiscal year, enabling the executive team to monitor business performance and drive decision making. (S)he is required to maintain knowledge of competitor products and their commercial strategies, identifying and escalating their activities in a time bound manner. (S)he is also accountable for providing customer feedback on Twist Bioscience products in addition to identifying unmet customer needs that will enable the development of new and innovative products.

区域客户代表主要负责Twist Bioscience产品在其区域内的销售并推动销售业绩的增长。 负责在整个财政年度内提供准确的销售额预测,使整个团队能够监控业绩并做出相应决策。需要实时关注并且充分的了解竞争对手的产品、商业战略、商业活动等,并且及时反馈给公司 。 此之,区域客户代表还需负责挖掘未被满足的客户需求并将客户对Twist Bioscience产品的反馈信息及时提供给研发部门用于新产品的研发。


Job performance will involve a variety of activities including:

·      Attain quarterly and annual revenue targets established from annual commission plans.根据年度计划去完成季度和年度销售目标。

·      Develops and execute strategies with accounts; including seasonal account business plans and revenue targets根据不同的客户制定并执行销售策略; 包括季度性业务计划和销售目标

·      Deliver accurate and timely forecasts for their territory。  为本区域提供准确和及时的销售额预测

·      Develop and manage key relationships with new and existing customers at multiple organizational levels. 开发和维护与新老客户的关键关系。

·      Develop contingency and risk mitigation plans for their region as necessary. 制定本区域的应急措施和风险控制计划。

·      Develop and execute supply agreements to support new and existing business. 为新业务和已有业务制定和执行供应协议

·      Work collaboratively with operations to minimize time to revenue.  与运营部门合作,缩短回款时间。

·      Maintain CRM database with up to date information及时更新和维护CRM数据库

·      Represent the company at relevant tradeshows. 代表公司参加展会。

·      Maintain and raise awareness of the competitive landscape, provide customer feedback and introduce new product ideas to internal partners. 维护和提高对竞争格局的认识,并将客户的反馈意见和对新产品创意提供给内部同事。

·      Ensures timely execution of order tracking, order input, retail release and launch information, order confirmation, and  delivery information确保及时执行订单追踪,订单录入,零售发布和发布信息,订单确认,以及交付信息。

·      Additional duties as assigned.接受领导分配的其他额外任务


·      Proven track record of delivering financial targets on a quarterly and annual basis

·      应聘者应具有良好的季度和年度销售记录。

·      At least 5 years of experience of selling life science reagents and solutions. Knowledge of synthetic biology products and markets preferred.

·      有5年以上生命科学试剂和解决方案的销售经验。 有合成生物学产品和市场经验的申请者优先考虑。

·      Businesses to business experience preferred, in particular selling to pharma, chemical and/or agbio organizations.

·      拥有对工业客户销售的经验,尤其是有在制药、化学或农业生物科技公司等领域销售经验的优先考虑。

·      Demonstrated technical knowledge of synthetic biology applications utilizing synthetic genes, pathways and organisms a necessity. 应聘者需具备合成生物学应用的技术知识,包括合成基因、生物通路和生物体等。

·      A background in technical sales and support or product management is preferred. 具有技术销售和技术支持或产品管理背景的优先考虑。

·      Application of Salesforce.com a prerequisite. 有Salesforce.com使用经验的应聘者优先考虑。


·      Demonstrated drive determination and self-motivation resulting in consistent achievement of financial results. 独立、自律和自我激励,能够快速完成任务并盈利

·      Demonstrated scientific problem solving skills. 具备科学的解决问题的能力。

·      Demonstrated technical depth in synthetic biology applications and workflows.在合成生物学应用和工作流程方面具备较强的技术能力

·      Positive external and internal relationship management skills. 具体较强的外部和内部关系管理技能。

·      Ability to participate with others as a member of the team to ensure that demanding and difficult projects are handled smoothly and cooperatively. 良好的团队合作精神,能够积极的配合团队人员,以确保艰巨和困难的项目得到顺利进行。

·      Strong communication and presentation skills. 良好的沟通和演讲技能。

·      Proven ability to thrive in a start-up/ change oriented environment. 能够适应并融入创业公司的企业文化和环境

·      Proven coaching, mentoring, team-building and leadership skills. 具备较强的领导力,能够建立团队,辅导和指导其发展。

·      Proven as a strategic thinker, backed up by a track record of tactical execution. 具备战略思考的能力,并有相应的案例。

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Twist Bioscience


Twist Bioscience Corp. is an innovative synthetic biology company founded in April 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Twist is the first company to successfully marry small scale engineering with biology to commercialize silicon-based production of high fidelity and high quality synthetic DNA faster, cheaper and seamlessly. In a relatively short time since its foundation the company has established itself as market leader with 250+ employees and $259M of raised capital to date which should bring it to profitability. Synthetic DNA has been used for more than five decades in a growing number of applications including drug development, vaccines and antibiotics, diagnostics, chemicals, agriculture and other industrial needs. It also has promise in novel applications like data storage. The company is keen to leverage its high-quality synthetic DNA platform to grow its market potential by vertical integration of some of these applications. In drug discovery, Twist technology can enable pursuing hard to drug targets, such as GPCR, Ion Channels and transporters. As such, the company is building its own capability and is looking to expand its management to accelerate its growth into drug discovery and development. We are looking for talented executives that are technically astute with understanding of the interface of technology & drug development, have domain knowledge in drug development, and are commercially savvy to be able to establish collaborations with pharma and biotech partners.

地址:455 Mission Bay Blvd S, San Francisco, CA 94158


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