Mouse IgG Binding Protein

       在繁花似锦,蓬勃发展的生命科学领域里,二抗的存在犹如尘埃,低微到被所有的人忽略。但是,这小小的二抗却是免疫学中不可或缺的必备之物,HRP标记的二抗用来进行WB、IHC,ELISA;FITC/PE等荧光标记的二抗可以用来进行IF、流式FCM。。。传统的二抗制备工艺也相对简单,通常是经过免疫动物制备纯化多抗,再进行各种标记,生物个体之间的差异或多或少就会带来抗体批次间的差异,导致不同批次间抗体的灵敏度和效价的差别。众所周知 Santa Cruz 是世界著名的抗体生产商,提供了数以万计的抗体,包括不断推出的单克隆抗体之外,近期还发布了了一种替代传统抗小鼠二抗的新型“二抗”——Mouse IgG Binding Protein 。

       Mouse IgG Binding Protein,即小鼠结合蛋白,与小鼠IgG轻链(IgGκ /IgGλ )特异性结合,可替代传统的山羊/兔抗小鼠二抗,用于各种免疫学实验。相对于传统二抗,小鼠结合蛋白的特异性和灵敏度更高,检测背景更低,而且几乎完全消除了传统方法生产的二抗所具有的批次间差异。Santa Cruz 提供的小鼠结合蛋白标记种类也十分丰富,包括:HRP(fig.1)、FITC (fig.2) 、PE、Biotin、 CruzFluor™ 荧光 (CFL 488/555/594) (fig.3) ,另外还提供可以在LI-COR Odyssey系统上检测的近红外荧光标记: CruzFluor™ 680 (CFL 680) 和CruzFluor™ 790 (CFL 790) (fig.4) ,可满足传统二抗所能进行的一切实验需求。

       接下来,就让我们来体验一下使用 Mouse IgG Binding Protein 带来的精彩绝伦的实验结果吧!

       另外,除了满足常规的 Western Blot 之外,针对目前越来越被广大科研者认可的近红外荧光检测,即:Near-Infrared (NIR)  western blot ,Mouse IgG Binding Protein 产品还提供可以在 LI-COR Odyssey系统上检测的近红外荧光标记: CruzFluor™ 680 (CFL 680) 和 CruzFluor™ 790 (CFL 790) ,可满足用户更加精准的蛋白质表达定量分析。

Figure 4 : Simultaneous infrared western blot analysis of β-Actin expression, detected with β-Actin (C4): sc-47778 and m-IgGκ BP-CFL 680: sc-516180 and HSP 70/HSC 70 expression, detected with HSP 70/HSC 70 (W27): sc-24 and m-IgGλ BP-CFL 790: sc-516195 in HeLa (A), DU 145 (B), MCF7 (C), MDA-MB-231 (D), HCT-116 (E) and HUV-EC-C (F) whole cell lysates.

       来自客户的试用反馈,也显示了使用 Mouse IgG Binding Protein替代传统山羊/兔抗小鼠二抗可使 western blot 检测背景更低(fig.5),灵敏度更高(fig.6)。
Works great, will no longer use R anti-mouse HRP!!
I received a small free vial of this anti-mouse-HRP alternative with one of SCBT order and was a bit apprehensive about using it without a side by side comparison with a conventional anti-mouse-HRP from a vendor that I have been using for more than 10 years. I was blown away with by the results. Attached is the side by side comparison of anti-mouse-HRP (the 2 left blots) vs. the kappa BP-HRP using the same lysates and same primary antibodies. This is far superior to anti-mouse-HRP secondary and I have been using this exclusively since this first set of blots.

Very nice on blots
We compared our standard goat anti-mouse IgG-HRP with this mouse kappa binding protein-HRP conjugate side by side on blots with identical samples and the same primary antibody, sc-365744 mouse monoclonal anti-Na,K-ATPase alpha3 H-4. At a 1:2,000 dilution of both the secondary antibody and the anti-kappa-BP HRP, the kappa BP gave a much stronger signal. See the 1 sec exposure in the image. There seems to be a lot of confusion among users about what this probe actually is. Many refer to it as an antibody, but it isn't, it's a binding protein. Whether it is Protein L or something else is not clear from the current datasheet. It would be useful to see evidence for species specificity. For this purpose, though, it is very good

货号 产品描述 应用 货号 产品描述 应用
小鼠 IgG Kappa 结合蛋白 小鼠 IgG Lambda 结合蛋白
sc-516102 m-IgGκ BP-HRP WB, IHC(P) 订购 sc-516132 m-IgGλ BP-HRP WB, IHC(P) 订购
sc-516140 m-IgGκ BP-FITC IF, FCM 订购 sc-516190 m-IgGλ BP-CFL 488 IF, FCM 订购
sc-516141 m-IgGκ BP-PE IF, FCM 订购 sc-516191 m-IgGλ BP-CFL 555 IF, FCM 订购
sc-516142 m-IgGκ BP-B IHC(P) 订购 sc-516192 m-IgGλ BP-CFL 594 IF, FCM 订购
sc-516176 m-IgGκ BP-CFL 488 IF, FCM 订购 sc-516194 m-IgGλ BP-CFL 680 WB, IF, FCM 订购
sc-516177 m-IgGκ BP-CFL 555 IF, FCM 订购 sc-516195 m-IgGλ BP-CFL 790 WB, IF, FCM 订购
sc-516178 m-IgGκ BP-CFL 594 IF, FCM 订购 点击免费申请Santa试用装>>
sc-516180 m-IgGκ BP-CFL 680 WB, IF, FCM 订购
sc-516181 m-IgGκ BP-CFL 790 WB, IF, FCM 订购

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