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Volume XVII, No. 4

Oct 2002 issue

Bullet BD Atlas™ Plastic Human 12K Microarray
(PDF 44KB)
Bullet BD Atlas™ Custom Array Printing Services
(PDF 28KB)
Bullet Mouse Universal Reference Total RNA (PDF 32KB)
Bullet Cancer Profiling Array II and Tissue-Specific Cancer Profiling Arrays (PDF 48KB)
Gene Cloning and Expression
Bullet BD In-Fusion™ PCR Cloning Kit
(PDF 60KB)
Bullet BD Creator™ BacPAK9 Shuttle Vectors
(PDF 36KB)
Bullet Tet System Approved FBS (PDF 12KB)
Nucleic Acid Purification
Bullet New NucleoSpin® Blood and Virus Nucleic Acid Purification Kits
(PDF 44KB)
Cell Biology
Bullet Destabilized DsRed-Express and HcRed Vectors
(PDF 48KB)
Bullet BD Mercury™ TransFactor Profiling Kit¡ªOncogenesis 3 (PDF 40KB)
Technical Note
Bullet BD™ Premium Total RNA Contains Virtually No Genomic DNA, an Important Factor in RNA Quality
(PDF 28KB)

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Profile the effects of cancer treatments on gene expression
With our Cancer Cell Line Profiling Array, you will soon be able to quickly determine the effects of a wide variety of cancer treatments on your genes of interest. This nylon array includes cDNA samples prepared from 26 different cancer cell lines that were each treated with 26 agents, including chemotherapies, stress inducers, and radiation. Simply hybridize a radiolabeled probe to assess a gene's expression in response to treatment, to investigate its role in disease, or to predict novel gene function based on the expression profile of known genes. Eleven different tissue types are represented on the array to provide a broad sampling of different cancer types.


Ultra high-throughput PCR in a fraction of the time
Last Spring we launched our revolutionary BD Sprint™ Advantage™ 96 Plate for high-throughput PCR. Soon we will be going to the next level with our BD Sprint™ TITANIUM Taq 384 Plate. This 384-well plate provides everything you need for PCR in lyophilized form and is ideal for genotyping and SNP studies, as well as any other ultra high-throughput PCR application in which sensitivity and yield are critical. The TITANIUM Taq 384 Plate is compatible with all ultra high-throughput PCR machines and robotic systems. Simply resuspend the lyophilized mix with 10-µl of water containing primers and template and go directly to PCR¡ªand results!