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Issue No. 4 2002

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Labeling and DNA cleanup   
NEW LabelStar Array Kit ! efficient cDNA labeling and cleanup for
high signal-to-noise ratios on arrays
The LabelStar Array Kit combines an easy-to-use system with wide choices of labeling technique, label, and amounts of RNA
 DNA stabilization and isolation   
Coming soon PAXgene Blood DNA System ! a standardized system for
blood collection and genomic DNA isolation
An integrated and standardized system for collection of whole blood samples and isolation of genomic DNA
 Protein  expression,
 detection, and assay 
NEW Complete separation and detection of phosphorylated proteins from eukaryotic cell lysates (67KB)
PhosphoProtein Purification Kit for complete separation of phosphorylated and unphosphorylated proteins from cell lysates
  Easy assay setup and high-quality data using the LiquiChip System (69KB)
Using the LiquiChip Protein Suspension Array System enables easy assay development and setup, and delivers high-quality results
Customer article Rapid analysis of the extracellular matrix protein decorin using the Penta,His Alexa Fluor 488 Conjugate (66KB)
His-tagged decorin overexpressed in mammalian cells using the pQE-TriSystem vector and directly detected in situ using the Penta,His Alexa Fluor 488 Conjugate
Customer article Highly efficient stable and transient transfection using Effectene Reagent (68KB)
Reproducible high stable and transient transfection efficiencies in Chinese hamster cells
NEW Clone blunt-ended PCR products easily and efficiently with the QIAGEN A-Addition Kit (60KB)
Easy and efficient modification of blunt-ended PCR products for use in UA- and TA-cloning procedures
  PCR and RT-PCR   
  Optimizing probe hybridization in real-time PCR for quantification and SNP genotyping (81KB)
A new system for proteins free of vector-encoded amino acids
  RNA stabilization and isolation  
NEW Stabilization of cellular RNA in whole blood samples using the PAXgene Blood RNA System (66KB)
An integrated and standardized system for collection and stabilization of whole blood samples and purification of cellular RNA
Customer article Automate front-end tasks using the BioRobot 3000 for microarray fabrication and streamlined workflow (94KB)
Customer article High-throughput liquid handling, sample rearray, and reaction setup and cleanup for microarray projects
  Automate high-throughput purification and assay of recombinant proteins (66KB)
Highly pure protein suitable for a wide range of downstream applications
What's new (62KB)
Practical Hints ! The QIAGEN Guide to Animal Cell Culture (146KB)
QIA-Hints (61KB)
Meetings, exhibitions (94KB)